Culture, Communication and Globalization -(CCG) at Aalborg University

Globalization processes are tying closer together nation-states, individuals and various entities below and above the nation-state. Political, cultural, social and economic inter-penetration and inter-dependence have become the order of the day, not least because access to and the development of high-speed information technologies (the Internet in particular) have made it possible for the bulk of the world’s population to communicate easily and efficiently across cultures and borders.

Navigating professionally in this rapidly changing world, and analysing and explaining these complicated, important processes takes highly developed skills and knowledge, which is what Culture, Communication and Globalization offers.

Among many other excellent teachers, the programme employs the 2013 Faculty of Humanities Teacher of the Year

Career possibilities

If you envisage yourself as a project manager in an institution, organisation or company that aims to succeed on the international stage and in a multicultural society, and if you are looking for a Master's programme that allows you to tailor your academic credentials to suit both your personal interests and the rapidly changing demands of today's world, consider Culture, Communication and Globalization.

The programme offers graduate students the opportunity to develop their competencies with a view to working in institutions, organizations or companies with a focus on communicative, cultural, social and political aspects of global processes. In-depth courses, all taught in English, are offered in a range of areas in an international environment (approximately half the student population are non-Danish).

9th semester opportunities

An internship of one semester within an institution, organisation or company in a foreign country or in Denmark is incorporated in the programme. Optionally, the internship may be replaced by a semester of study in another study programme at Aalborg University or at another university in Denmark or abroad.

If you appreciate the informal, egalitarian, and high-quality tradition of Scandinavian higher education combined with the advantages of practical, problem based learning, you will find Aalborg University the ideal location.

Questions and inquiries can be sent to the student counsellor:

The Aalborg Model for Problem Based Learning (PBL)

Studying at Aalborg University is not about rote learning. Each semester, you will work closely together with a group of fellow students on a large written assignment. The study method is called problem based project work, or “The Aalborg Model for Problem Based Learning (PBL)”, and is highly recognised both nationally and internationally.

The problem based project work at Aalborg University gives you a unique opportunity to acquire new knowledge and competences at a high academic level in an independent manner. You will also follow more traditional instruction, but the group work at AAU ensures that you build a network from the very start of your studies, and that you will not constantly be sitting on your own buried in your books.

The group work adds an academic and social dimension to your study programme and, at the same time, it equips you for the labour market where skills in cooperation are very sought after.